About Me

Efficiency is my game, so I work best in results-driven environments, rather than butt-in-seat environments. I believe that sit-down meetings are a waste of your time and mine. Let me actually work instead! I'm trying to break away from the corporate world, can you help me?
I graduated from the University of North Texas in May 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in their nationally recognized Logistics & Supply Chain program.
Born in SoCal. Raised in Texas. Dallas/Fort Worth is "home".
I love to travel. To know me is to fly with me. When I'm not working, I'm planning my next trip, if I haven't already embarked. To date, I've visited 14 sovereign states on five continents.

My Specialties

Code Dabbler
I work in a slew of languages: JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Shell, SQL, VBA, etc. The elegance of my code varies on the budget of the project, but you can find some of my work on GitHub.
Customer Service Savant
The difference between good companies and great companies is excellent customer service. I believe that every customer/client interaction is a chance to impress them, and feel that customer service always deserves a human touch, not a boilerplate.
QC Stickler
I'm a stickler for perfection (after all, it's the standard!), so I'm quite deft at noticing little mistakes. I keep it in check, though... I balance deadlines and severity before pointing errors out.
Automation Adventurer
Mundane, repetitive tasks put me to sleep. Whenever possible, I employ technology to do the work for me, to ensure faster and more accurate output.
Not a Complete Vidiot
I have solid video production knowledge, supported by years of experience in the business. My specialization is more on the technical side of things, rather than the creative.
Live Streaming Professional
From weekly church services to live sporting events, I've configured the tools at every step of the way — from encoders to media servers.
Excel Guru
I am by no means Mr. Excel, but I do take pleasure in making Excel do things outside the realm of the ordinary.
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