About Me (Résumé)

Efficiency is my game, so I work best in results-driven environments, rather than butt-in-seat environments. I've worked remotely since October 2013, and feel it's improved the quality of my work, my relationship, and my life.
I graduated from the University of North Texas in May 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in their nationally recognized Logistics & Supply Chain program.
Born in SoCal. Raised in Texas. Dallas/Fort Worth is "home".
I love to travel. To know me is to fly with me. When I'm not working, I'm planning my next trip, if I haven't already embarked. To date, I've visited 18 sovereign states on five continents.

My Specialties

Code Ninja
I'm primarily a Rubyist (sometimes on Rails) these days, but I occasionally get my hands dirty in other languages: BrightScript (Roku), C#, JavaScript, Shell, SQL, VBA, etc.
See some of my work on GitHub.
Customer Service Savant
The difference between good companies and great companies is excellent customer service. I believe that every customer/client interaction is a chance to impress them, and feel that customer service always deserves a human touch, not a boilerplate.
QC Stickler
I'm a stickler for perfection (after all, it's the standard!), so I'm quite deft at noticing little mistakes. I keep it in check, though... I balance deadlines and severity before pointing errors out.
Automation Dabbler
Mundane, repetitive tasks put me to sleep. Whenever possible, I employ technology to do the work for me, to ensure faster and more accurate output.
Not a Complete Vidiot
I have solid video production knowledge, supported by years of experience in the business. My specialization is more on the technical side of things, rather than the creative.
Live Streaming Professional
I configure scalable, multi-screen live streaming solutions for broadcasts ranging from a few hundred to several thousand viewers, peaking at 8.45 Gb/s.
Excel Guru
I am by no means Mr. Excel, but I do take pleasure in making Excel do things outside the realm of the ordinary.
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